Raedy to Change No.3
solo exhibition
Center of Contemporary Art Montenegro (CSUCG)
Podgorica, Montenegro

10.8. - 9.9.2021
(solo exhibition of a longterm project in public space
Gallery Tobacna,
Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

1.6. - 30.6.2021
Artist in Residence
Gallery Memphis
Linz, Austria

10. 6. – 10. 9. 2021
P74 Virtualno #3: Polonca Lovšin
Gallery and Center P74, Ljubljana

10.10. 2019
Movement for Public Speech / Where Is This World Turning ? In collaboration with students of High Schools in the Neighborhood Poljane, as a forthcoming event of new coming Museum Cukrarna.
Moderated by writer, raper and stand-up comedian Bostjan Gorenc - Pizama, curated by Alenka Gregori? and organized by Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana.

26.9. - 29.9. 2019
Polonca Lovšin and Uroš Potocnik
represented by Gallery P74, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1.6. 2019
Movement for Public Speech /Everyone's Land, in collaboration with participants of an open call for texts on the thematic Everyone Land and invited slam poets. Moderated by poet and Slovenina slam poetry co-organizer Dejan Koban.
Ogranized by Kud Obrat on a community garden Beyond a Contruction Site in Ljubljana

15.1. - 3.3. 2019
Ljubljana se klanja Sloveniji III: Kocevje, Gallery Vžigalica, curated by Lela Angela Mršek Bajda and Jani Pirnat, organized by Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

5.6. - 29.9. 2018
Inverting Battlefields Feldbach, XENOS with Nayari Castillo and Kunst in Oeffentlichem Raum, Steiremark, Austria. Event 29.6. in collaboration with participants of ISOP (Inovative social projects organisation), Feldbach, Austria.

13.4. - 30.4. 2018
Call for New Members: Be a Bee Collective, Gallery Prozori, Knjižnica S. S. Kranj?evi?a, Zagreb, Croatia

12.4. 2018
Richard Jakopic Award 2018, Award vinning ceremony, Moderna Gallry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

4.1. - 4.2. 2018
Be a Bee (solo exhibition)
Small Gallery Miro Kranjc, Kosovelov dom, Sežana, Slovenia

28.10 – 10.11. 2017
e- city: Ljubljana, Movement for Public Speech /Freedom
Installation in public space with participatory events, Together with people of Strasbourgh, Apollonia, Strasbourgh, France

25. 10. – 8.12. 2017
Leave it in the Ground
Curators: Anton Lederer and Margarethe Makovec DUUL, Usti nad Labem, Chech Republic

14.10. 2017
Kocevje-YEAH Public event in the industrial area of Kocevje, In the frame of Inverted Battlefields, Organized by XENOS, Graz, Austria

3.10. – 5.11. 2017 6. international festival of visual arts Kranj: Symbol, Sign and Colour ZDSLU Kranj, different venues in Kranj

28.9. - 12. 11. 2017
Utopia / Distopia: Architecture, city, territorij KUD Obrat (Stefan Doepner, Urška Jurman, Polonca Lovšin, Apolonija Šušterši?) City Gallery Ljubljana, Ljubljana

27.9. - 30.9. 2016
Guest Artist, Workshop with students
Art & Public Space
Professor, Apolonija Šušteršic
Oslo National Academy of the Arts

1.9. - 28.9. 2016
The Man is Full, The Goat is Whole
solo exhibition
Center and Gallery P74,

18.6. 2016
Movement for Public Speech and I Follow her Without Words
In collaboration with Pride Parade
10 a.m. - 16 p.m.
Novi trg, Ljubljana

16.6. - 28.8. 2016
Stories from the Edge
Kunsthaus Graz, Austria
Curated by Katrin Bucher Trantow, Nayari Castillo, Kate Howlett-Jones, Francesca Lazzarini

8.6. 2016
Movement for Public Speech
Trg Leona Štuklja, Maribor
Art Gallery Maribor

1.6. - 2.6. 2016
Dispositive zwischen Verein, Initiative und Institution
3. Sächsischer Fachtag Bildende Kunst
Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany


14.4. - 30.5. 2016
Stories from the Edge
MLZ Art Dep, Trieste, Italy
Curated by Francesca Lazzarini and The Daily Rhythms Collective

8.4. - 30.4. 2016
A Chicken or an Egg
Hiša Kulture Pivka /House of Culture Pivka, Slovenia
Curated by Mojca Grmek

28.1. 2016
Osmiza Piran
Stories from the Edge, The Daily Rhythms Collective,
Public event in Piran, Slovenia

22.12. - 3.4. 2016
Crises and New Beginnings: Art in Slovenia 2005–2015
Curators: Bojana Piškur, Igor Španjol, Vladimir Vidmar
Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM),
Ljubljana, Slovenia

21.10. - 24.10. 2015
Gibanje za javni govor /Movement for Public Speech
Trg svobode, Maribor, Slovenia
Maribor Art Gallery


24.9. - 27.9. 2015
Vienna Contemporary 2015
Represented by Gallery P74, Ljubljana

12.7. 2015
Golden Egg / Berlin
Polonca Lovšin togehter with Subir Che Selia
Agora Collective, Berlin
Organised in the frame of Everything Under the Sun,
curated by Ece Pazarbasi and Caique Tizzi

2.7. - 9.7. 2015
Worksop with students of Faculty for Architecture Prishtina
together with Stacion, Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina
in the frame of PAW, Prishtina Architecure Week, 2015

5.5. - 28.6. 2015
Soil, Water, Garden, Freedom,

Draugh: Polonca Lovsin, solo show
Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM),

14. April
Green Islands 2015, Ubran Hives
aMAZElab, Art, Nature, Landscape,
Garibaldi Train Station,
Milano Design, Week, Milano

28.1. 2015-30.3.2015
Res Publica M
Togehter with Kud Obrat (Stefan Doepner, Urska Jurman,
Polonca Lovsin, Apolonija Sustersic)
Intervention in a non active construction site
at Masarykova Street, Ljubljana

24th Biennial of Design
Polonca Lovšin, guided tour, section Food
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014

2.10.-5.10. 2014
Viennafair 2014
Polonca Lovšin
Represented by: P74 Gallery, Ljubljana

16.4. - 14.6. 2014
City Perspectives / Die Perspektiven der Stadt
Photon Gallery
Vienna, Austria

11.3., 20.3., 21.3. 2014
Workshop: An Exercise in Participatory Architecture
participating students, studio Miha Dešman
co-mentors: Miha Desman, Vlatka Ljubanovic
Faculty of Architecture,
University of Ljubljana

15.3. - 24.5. 2014
Measures of Saving the World_Part 5
Gallery Rotor
Graz, Austria

6.9. - 8.9. 2013
Plantage 13,
Bremen, Germany

20.6. - 29.9.2013
U3, 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia,
Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova,

5.6. - 28.6. 2013
Every Egg Matters
Center and Gallery P74,

11.1.-16.1. 2013
Walk over City
Camp, Istanbul, Turkey
audio tour

6.12. - 26.1. 2012
Prakse 20 in 21 stoletja po modernizmu- sodobna umetnost
City Gallery Velenje,
Velenje, Slovenia

21.9. - 20.10. 2012
Public Speech
Koroška Gallery,
Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

9.5. 2012
Screening Back to the City
Architekturzentrum Wien, Austria

25.03.2012 - 17.06. 2012
Hunters and Hunted - Insects in Contemporary Art
Villa Rot
Burgrieden - Rot, Germany

14.3. - 18.3. 2012
Tricky Woman
International Animation Filmfestival
Museum Quartir, Vienna, Austria

16.11.– 30.11. 2011
Back to the City
artist talk and exhibition
Project Room SCCA, Ljubljana, Slovenia

solo exhibition
Back to the City
Gallery Kibela
Maribor, Slovenia

5.5. 2011
Polonca Lovšin Golden bird Award 2010 /Nagrada Zlata ptica 2010
Award for inovative aproach in visual and intermedia art for 2010
Liberana Akademija, Ljubljana Slovenia

12. 5. 2011 - 26.6. 2011
solo exhibition
Elektrisierende Träume / Electric Dreams
Kunstverein Gera, Germany
Curator: Silke Opitz

10.12.2010 - 24.3.2011
European Triennial of Small-Scale Sculpture 2010.
Split Identities: Objects at the Interstice of Art and Design
Curator: Katia Baudin
Gallery Murska Sobota, Slovenia

14.12. 2010 - 17.12. 2010
Private View
Spontane Einladung
Joachim Strasse 11,A, Berlin
Curator: Maja Škerbot