Dynamo Door Dance, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK, 2009

In collaboration with choreographer Henrietta Hale, Dr. Richard McMahon, Ph.D. student Aeffendi Hashim, assistant choreographer Maria Sanderson and six volunteers dancers Judith, Laura, Lenka, Sheila, Katherine and Peter.

Supported by: Wysing Arts Centre, Visiting Arts, RSA Arts and Ecology, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Kud Obrat, Ljubljana;


I looked into camping devices and torches of different types: squeeze torches, string and pull torches, string and pull phone chargers, windup camping lamps, wind up phone chargers and Faraday torches. These pre-existing gadgets became the base for energy harvesting devices. With the help of scientist Richard McMahon, it became possible to transform all devices and implement them in temporary wooden architecture, with no electricity. The electricity produced by jumping, stepping, opening and closing the doors was immediately transformed into light and sound effects. The devices were positioned in several parts in the building, connecting physically the building, the human body and electricity. The London-based choreographer Henrietta Hale worked with volunteer dancers. The result was a group performance, based on mechanical movements that underlined the mechanical aspect of electricity production.