Golden Egg / Berlin, 2015
The chicken coop, smaller objects and public event (auction)

An urban chicken coop with a golden roof,
Objects: posters, postcards, fresh eggs and other objects related to urban farming, eggs and chickens. Dishes cooked with Berlin eggs were served.

A chicken coop was set up in the space of the Agora Collective in Berlin. The auction served as performative act to talk about serious environmental issues and banal everyday problems related to food, health, and ecology. The chicken coop with its golden roof suggests that eggs produced locally, in the city, are worth their weight in gold.

Auction led by artist Subir Che Selia with the assistance of Rebecca

Golden Egg / Berlin 2015 was part of Everything Under the Sun that is curated by Ece Pazarbasi and Caique Tizzi and hosted by Agora Collective.

Supporrted by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and KUD Obrat Ljubljana.