Wooden Scooter, Podljubelj 2004
In collaboration with Karel Leitinger

Object: wooden scooter made from a tree branch, wheelbarrow wheel, bicycle wheel, skis, seat. Invented and designed by Karel Leitinger and Polonca Lovsin.
Photograohy: 40x60 cm

Video: Mountain Girl, sound, duration: 56sec


Mountain Girl lives in the countryside but works in the city. For her commute, she has made herself a wooden scooter that works in two different ways. Usually she rides the scooter using the wheels, but sometimes, when there is deep snow in the mountains, she attaches skis beneath the wheels. Then she just zips down the mountain like lightning.

Thanks to: Elizabeta Lovsin, Mateja Lovsin Heric, Ursa Heric