A Plan with a Goat, Ljubljana 2010

One-day action on an abandoned construction site in the city centre of Ljubljana. In the frame of the project The Beyond Construction Site, at Resljeva and Masarykova Streets, organised by Obrat Association.
(photograph, map drawings, video)


For an entire day I followed a goat through the overgrown land of the construction site and made notes of its movements. Hana the goat explored the terrain and, characteristic for a goat, could not stay still. Also characteristic of a goat, she ate constantly, which partially helped to clean up our overgrown land. On the basis of her movements I created an alternative plan of the path to the land. In that way, “without a plan”, the Plan with a Goat was a provocation of the rationality of planning; an experiment which questions the role of the architect and the possibilities of an improvised creation of space. Also, the Plan with a Goat was a tribute to nature and the knowledge of our predecessors, who often also used animals when choosing land, setting up pathways, building houses, and arranging spaces. In precisely the same way my intention was at least an imaginary rehabilitation of the relationship between humans and domesticated animals in an urban environment.