Pollinators Collective, 2016 - 2018

Be a Bee Collection - tools for manual pollination of plants: gloves, helmets, bags, rackets.

Collage, 120 cm x 168 (paper on a plywood)

Manual pollination of plants and people working together as a collective are two main focuses of this project. The project suggests a vision of a near future where people would need to act as nature (bees and other pollinators) to sustain the environment. Air pollution, intensive agriculture and extensive use of chemicals on fields are decreasing the number of bees, who are among the most effective natural pollinators. In case of continuous decline, we humans will need to help nature to reproduce, and in this way maintain human culture. The right of symbiosis as a political epistemic frame in which humans and non-humans, share a legal common status is a possible way out. The project suggests tools for manual pollination of plants. Helmets, gloves, rackets and other wearable gadgets are enhanced with feathers and fur and transformed into pollination tools. Humans can learn how to pollinate plants from bees. Another important lesson we can learn from is that the future is on working together as collective.

This artwork is part of Hanten-Schmidt Collection.