City Cows, Ljubljana, 2008

Duration: 5min 12sec Supported by Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana and Kud Obrat, Ljubljana

Based on the research done by Anton Melik Geographical Institute in 2002: The significance and prospects of private farming inside continuously built-up areas of Ljubljana

I am always surprised when I find myself tailing a tractor when driving through the centre of Ljubljana, or when I come across people carrying fresh milk cans in the middle of a housing estate. They remind me of rural life, although I am in a city. The city of Ljubljana has a great number of farms. Together with forested areas, they account for two thirds of the territory encompassed by the municipality. What does that mean? Has Ljubljana never fully developed into a city? Or is it perhaps one step ahead in its development, having farms-within-the-city that will provide urbanites with food, something that is bound to become a great advantage in the future.

Visitors of SEM coffee shop were able to watch the video animation and had a chance to use milk from a nearby city farm for their coffees.